Long term investors in Asian businesses

For over 27 years, we have been committed to generating sustainable absolute returns by applying a business-owner mindset to investing in Asia.

As investors alongside our clients, we are strong believers in the long term growth potential of Asia's largest under-penetrated markets and quality businesses that engage customers in their everyday lives.

Leveraging our experience in the region over multiple cycles, we are committed to delivering to our clients by staying true to our core principles, fine-tuning our process over time and investing in the continual development of our team and systems.

The Allard Approach

Deeply rooted in Asia, our team navigates the region's complex social, cultural and political landscape to determine which markets and industries to focus on.

We conduct in-depth fundamental analysis to compile a universe of listed businesses we would like to own. 

Being on-the-ground is a critical part of our research. We meet corporate executives, visit operations, talk to competitors and gain customer experience first-hand to help us identify the strongest franchises with the most assured economic prospects.

Using our valuation framework, a valuation range is applied to each company in our universe to guide portfolio execution decisions. 

Our aim is to build a concentrated, benchmark-agnostic portfolio of investments that meet both our qualitative and valuation criteria and, importantly, adhere to our risk parameters. 

Our Funds

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Growth Fund
US Dollar Denominated, Domiciled in the Cayman Islands, Launched in May 1997
Investment Fund
Australian Dollar Denominated, Domiciled in Australia, Launched in June 2003
EUR, USD and GBP Denominated, Registered in Ireland, Launched in April 2018

Our Awards

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